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Community Governing Documents

The three links below takes you to the three most important documents for our condo association. All three of them were amended and restated in 2000. Since then a number of amendments have been recorded but the documents have not been restated requiring readers to refer to the changes to see if the parent document has been changed. The versions below have been edited to include the changes with deletions indicated by strikethroughs and additions by underlining. Users should be aware these are not legal documents of the association and use them only for word searches and quick reference. Images of the actual documents may be selected from the list at the bottom of the page.
Articles of Incorporation

Declaration of Condominium

Along with the above three Governing Documents, we are providing a link to Florida Condominium Act. Chapter 718 of Florida Statues covers Florida state laws governing condominiums. In legal terms, the order of precedence is as follows: 1. Florida Statues 2. Declarations 3. Articles of Incorporation 4. Bylaws 5. Policies.
Here is the link to Florida Condominium Act

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Note: Numeric values after policy title represents policy numbers assigned by the board. If you have any questions contact the Association manager.