Welcome to Longboat Harbour!

Recreation Committee - Gail Gilvey 973-714-9805, or ggilvey@optonline.net and Graham Sampson 802-753-6049 or gsampson@BizSmartsLLC.com. This Committee coordinates and organizes a wide range of social activities such as sporting events and parties from Halloween to a season ending Pizza Party and The Kentucky Derby.

                                                       Activities Schedule
 2/20/2018 11:00 am Men’s Club Luncheon  The Men’s Club
   1:00 pm Elder Care Attorney - Andrew Boyer Open to the Community to Hear Speaker  
 2/24/2018  6:30 pm Sock Hop with Daniel Fugazzatto  Rec Committee
 2/28/2018 11:30 am Harbourettes Fashion Show  B. Bellamente
 3/9/2018  7:00 pm Ortmann/Geraci Concert   Rec Committee
 3/17/2018  6:30 pm St. Patrick’s Day Party  Rec Committee
 3/20/2018 11:00 am Men’s Club Luncheon  Men’s Club
   1:00 pm Shahe Momjian - Cyber Security Open to the Community to Hear Speaker  
 3/23/2018  7:00 pm Movie Night  Rec Committee
 3/30/2018   Passover Begins  
 4/1/2018   Easter  
 4/11/2018  8:00 am Spring Golf Outing  Troup & MacIntosh
  3:30 pm Golf Outing BBQ - Open to the Community  
 4/13/2018  7:00 pm Movie Night  Rec Committee
 4/17/2018 11:00 am Men’s Club Luncheon  Men’s Club
   1:00 pm Susan Phillips LBK Asst. Town Mgr. Open to Community to Hear Speaker  
 4/19/2018  5:00 pm Season Ending Pizza Party  Coughlins/Shaw/Sinai
 5/6/2018  5:30 pm Kentucky Derby Party  Rec Committee


Art Studio
- Donna Bimbaum
Monday and Saturday 9 am till noon. Come and do your thing or just visit.

Book n Buddies - Marge Geiger
We meet every 2 weeks at 7 PM on Wednesdays in the lounge to discuss books. The first meeting is January 10, 2918. Click on the link for details and the reading list for 2018.
Bingo - Ken and Maryann Simpson
On Tuesday evenings at 7pm from January 23rd to March 13th you will find many of the residents of Longboat Harbour in the Community Hall enjoying the ten games of Bingo. Cost, 1 Card $2, 2 Cards $3,3 Cards $4, 4 Cards $5. Must be played by the 

Boats, Docks, and Kayak Racks
Boat slips are $300/per year and kayak racks $100/year. Contact the office for details and to make arrangements.

Dance Aerobics -
Jeanne McIvor

Monday-Friday at 8:30 AM in the Community Room.A fitness program using recorded aerobic programs.

Harbourettes (for Ladies) Sharyn Ford 
Weekly lunches followed by bridge and Rummikube games are part of the activities of Harbourettes who also organize events like fashion shows and special birthday luncheons for the ladies of LbH.

Men's Club - Bill Coughlin
Where can you find wonderful friends, an enjoyable lunch, interesting speakers, great prizes, and spirited contests? If you said The LBH Men's Club you are correct. The 2017 Men's Club has new Directors and an expanded format at 10 events this season, meaning more fun for all. With the help of our fine volunteers and the support of our recreation committee we look forward to another fun year. All residents are welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

If you would like to volunteer, or have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Men's Club Chairman Bill Coughlin or Event Director Graham Sampson.

Play Readers Theatre - Toni Rowitz

Like to use your voice reading roles in short plays? Like meeting other who enjoy it too? Join Play Readers every Monday evening from January to the end of March.

Stitch 'n Bitch 
Begins Monday Feb.6...1:30 inthe Lounge. Bring needle work, knitting, etc.  Donna Brinbaum

Tennis - Ken Comeforo
Tennis players of all skills, male and female, enjoy the competition in a range of events organized by this committee that celebrates the season's end with a tournament and party for its members.

Water Exercise
Every morning except Sunday at 10:00 AM at the Main Pool a water aerobics program is conducted. Everyone is welcome. For more information contact Gail Vitale at 383-1489 or Barb Fox at 343-2270.

Wood Shop
Rare is the condominium with a full service wood shop, but Longboat Harbour has just that. See the office for details.
 Book 'n Buddies