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LbH Marine & Yachting Activities

The Yacht Club, inaugurated in 1971, was comprised solely of and for boat owners who resided at Longboat Harbour. Its functions included the assignment of boat docks, the collection of dock fees, and keeping the docks in good repair. Since those early days, under the leadership of 27 commodores, the Yacht Club has emerged as an integral part of the Longboat Harbour Condominium Association.

However, currently no one has volunteered to fill the Executive Committee offices of commodore, vice commodore, dockmaster, purser and scribe. Anyone interested in serving should contact the office.

If you are looking for information about boating facilities for your powerboat, sailboat, kayak, canoe. or paddle board, contact the LHOA office or Steve

By-Laws                                       Dock/Rack User Fees 

These documents include rules for use and type-in-the-blank forms that can be printed or attached to an email and sent to the Dock Master(Longboatharbour@comcast.net)  or the office.

Dock User's Agreement           Rack User's Agreement